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It all adds up.

Did you know that more than 90% of parents
believe their children will attend college,
yet only 57% of them are actually
saving?1 The expense of college can be
overwhelming, but the good news
typically don't need to save the
entire cost.

There is no minimum dollar
contribution amount - start with
$10 or $1,000. It's important
to just start saving. Today.

See how much your savings could grow.*

How much can you afford to save?
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  • $50
  • $100
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  • $300
  • $400
You could save $38,949.50


Want to dig deeper? Use our College Savings Calculator to create a personalized college savings report unique to your family’s needs.

1 How America Saves for College 2016. Sallie Mae's national study of parents with children under 18. Sallie Mae and Ipsos Public Affairs 

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