You Drive

You like to take charge. The NEST Direct Plan puts you in the driver's seat to manage your account. Even if you don't have a financial degree, you'll find how easy it is to keep tabs on your savings online. Briefly, here's what the NEST Direct Plan gives you:

  • An affordable way to save with low fees;
  • Simple structure of investment options;
  • A convenient, secure website where you maintain your account.

If you have a Social Security number or taxpayer identification number and a valid U.S. residential address, you are eligible to open a NEST Direct Plan account. Read about the plan's features and learn about the tax advantages of the NEST plan. More detailed Plan information can be found in the Program Disclosure Statement.

Feel more comfortable working with a financial professional to create your college savings plan? Then consider the NEST Advisor Plan with your financial advisor. Learn more about this plan by visiting our NEST Advisor Plan website.

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