Author: Vicki Sleder, Marketing Associate, Savings Plans, First National Bank of Omaha

As the new school year begins, it’s important for your child to put their best foot forward. This starts with preparation, which encompasses everything from teeing up your to-do list to making sure your savings are on track. To help make this a more seamless task, we’ve put together a few tips to help ensure your child – and your wallet – starts off the school year on the right note.

Return Unused Items

As your child starts the first few weeks of school make note of any items that go unused.  If there are items that are unopened, consider returning them or look into donation options. Keep track of the unused items and remove them from next year’s back to school shopping list. 

Visit Your Local Library

Does your child have a reading assignment or book report coming up? Before purchasing a book, check out the local or school library to see if it is available on loan. Visiting your local library will not only help your savings throughout the calendar year, but will also introduce new genres and books to your child as they peruse the aisles.

Utilize Free Resources Online

Looking for some tutoring or educational extracurriculars for your child? Research online for free resources which include a wide range of offerings from learning a foreign language, academic lessons and tutoring as well as audiobooks. See here for a list of resources.  

Reassess Your Savings Efforts

A new school year can be a great time to evaluate your NEST 529 College Savings Plan account contributions. NEST 529 has many offerings to help you stay on track and boost your savings – from the auto-annual AIP increase options to increase account contributions each year, to the NEST Direct College Savings Planning Calculator, to NEST 529 Scholarships – there is no shortage of great resources to help you evaluate your progress and stay on track to meet your goals.

On behalf of the NEST 529 team, we wish your child a wonderful academic year full of educational milestones and great success. And of course, we wish you another successful year of saving. Should you have any questions related to your NEST 529 account, we encourage you to reach out to us at  1-888-993-3746 or email us at