Author: Nebraska State Treasurer

During my time as a public servant, I have met countless Nebraskans from all walks of life. No matter our differences, each of us is united by our love of family, and our commitment to creating the best possible opportunities for our children.

My wish for my daughter, and for all young Nebraskans, is a fulfilling and successful life. No matter what our children’s career goals may be, one of the most powerful ways that we as parents, grandparents and friends can help them succeed is by supporting their journey to higher education. Helping our loved ones develop strong study skills and pursue their academic interests will be invaluable in their progression to higher education. Saving with NEST 529 will help make sure that we can finance it.

NEST 529 savings can cover a wide variety of expenses, including tuition and fees for trade school all the way through graduate school. Savings in a NEST 529 account can cover other essential expenses as well, such as books and supplies, on-campus housing and many study abroad programs.

As parents, we take care of our children in many ways. Whether cooking meals or reading bedtime stories, helping with homework or saving for college, our priority is to nurture our children and help them grow into strong, independent, thriving adults. I am very proud of the NEST 529 College Savings Plan, and of the work that my office has done to help support families achieve those priorities. This Father’s Day, I am celebrating my family and each and every member of the NEST 529 community.

From the entire NEST 529 team, wishing you and yours a Happy Father’s Day!

father with family