Author: Terry Severson, Director, Savings Plans Marketing, First National Bank of Omaha

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, at NEST 529 we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the love that fuels our community. After all, the college savings journey is paved with love, hope and determination as parents invest in their loved ones’ bright futures in higher education. 

In today’s blog, Account Owners share the many reasons why they love NEST 529, and what the Plan has meant to them over years of diligent saving. 

Val Ambrose

One of the biggest advantages for us about NEST 529 is that the funds are transferable to the other children if one decides not to go to college, or if they earn a scholarship and do not need the funds. It is our hope that our children will be able to do whatever they want with their lives—whether it is to become a doctor, veterinarian or mechanic—the sky is the limit.

As parents, we all try to encourage our kids to believe in their dreams and the NEST 529 College Savings Plan can help them achieve their dreams. Our oldest daughter’s NEST 529 account has done amazingly well. I am thankful for NEST 529 because it secures my children’s futures and I can tell them no dream is impossible. I encourage you to check out the benefits of the NEST 529 Plan and secure your child's future as well.

Linda Harms

Our son is very mechanically inclined – a skill he learned from his parents. We have a restoration business and restore antique tractors. It was our goal to give our son the opportunity to have the education his parents didn’t. With NEST 529 he can use his knowledge to better himself. We know that there will be things that his scholarship will not cover – including room and board meals, tools for the trade, computer, etc.

We want to inform parents that it doesn’t take too much to save each month for your child’s future. Yes, there were times that we didn’t know if we could afford it, but we made it our responsibility to do so. You don’t want your child to have student loans burden them into their fifties. Who wants their children to have the burden of being in debt for almost half their life? We plan on keeping the remaining funds our son doesn’t use in the account to be put towards our future grandchildren’s education.

Gail Possley

I want my grandson to work as hard as he can and learn the value of a college education. He just completed the fourth grade and his MCA test scores in Math and Reading skills fell between the seventh and eighth grade levels. He has an amazing brain and the ability to perform very well in college.

I started the NEST 529 account for him when he was born because I wanted him to have funds set aside for his college education. My husband and I have tried to set aside as much as possible for his NEST 529 college savings account. We recently switched from making an annual contribution to making monthly donations. This will allow us to provide increased savings for him. I’m hoping that through his NEST 529 account he will learn the importance of setting money aside for college. I want him to pursue the field that most interests him and be happy and successful.

Tanis Saldivar

My husband and I both graduated from college with crushing levels of student loan debt that took us over a decade to pay down. We decided when our children were born that we didn’t want that same student loan debt for them, so we started NEST 529 accounts for both of our children when they were infants.

I found that the NEST new account enrollment was easy, quick and flexible with the amounts you can contribute no matter how small or large. Your kids will thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I saw a new NEST 529 Scholarship I need to enter, all it takes is one entry!

Gayle Smith

Often blessings appear when they are both needed and unexpected. That is how we stumbled upon the NEST 529 plan when our daughters were quite young.

When each of our daughters started thinking about college, we shared with them what had been saved for their education. With what Bryan and I have contributed to our NEST 529 plans, our Upromise contributions and the other funds set up by their generous grandparents, each of them should have enough to get their undergraduate degree without going into debt!

We have been quite pleased to see that the NEST 529 plan has consistently over time been rated by several financial groups as one of the best, if not THE BEST in the country. The Nebraska tax savings has been an added bonus for us.