Author: Rachel Biar, Assistant State Treasurer

The recent NEST 529 “Why I Want to Go to College” essay contest encouraged seventh and eighth graders from around the country to express their hopes and dreams for the future, exploring how higher education plays into those goals. The submissions we received were articulate, passionate and uplifting.

In honor of 529 Day—the national college savings awareness day—we want to highlight some of the dreams inspiring and fueling NEST 529 students to pursue a higher education.

Carmen from Nebraska seeks higher education to drive her medical career:

“The microscope is a tool, and that is what college would be for me. It would be a tool that would give me knowledge I would truly be able to use throughout my life. It would help me all throughout my research and pursuit of a cure for a genetic disease. College for me would be something that would not just last 4 years, but a lifetime.”

Tyler from Florida wants to pursue a degree in computer science:

“As a child who dreams big and wants to accomplish his goal as a programmer. A person who wants to create new things for other people’s pure satisfaction and enjoyment, to make them feel different emotions depending on what they have witnessed. Have them be fascinated by what they have in front of them, like a moth when it witnesses light, it can’t stop looking at it, it’s trapped, and it’s mesmerized by its heavenly glow. Grabbing the attention of people with new ideas. That’s the path I want to trot through.”

Kennedy from Nebraska wants college to open her mind to the world:

“I was born and raised in a very small rural farming community. When I look around my school, the majority of the other students look like me, talk like me, and have very similar backgrounds as me. I understand that the world is filled with people who are not like me and have different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and religious beliefs. I want to learn about the world and other cultures so I plan to attend a college with a diverse student population so that I can expand my knowledge of the world.”

Opening and contributing to a 529 plan benefits children by helping to foster these ambitions and bring them to fruition. We want to congratulate all of the talented students who entered our “Why I Want to Go to College” contest this year and we challenge each and every NEST 529 child to begin identifying and working toward their own aspirations for the future. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

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