Author: Terry Severson, Director, Savings Plans Marketing, First National Bank of Omaha

Preparing for the end of yet another school year, we’re reminded of just how quickly time flies. Before you know it, your kids will be pursuing higher education.

In the meantime, NEST 529 is here to help families save for their academic dreams. May 29th is National 529 College Savings Day, and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the many ways that NEST 529 works to help Account Owners meet their savings goals.

NEST 529 Investment Options

Each Account Owner has unique preferences and circumstances for their savings. That’s why NEST 529, in partnership with the Nebraska Investment Council, offers a strong, diverse and personalized range of investment options.

Account Owners can choose from age-based options, which automatically adjust their asset allocation at each age milestone; static options, which offer fixed allocations; and individual options, which allow hands-on portfolio building, to curate the investment strategy that is well-suited for your needs. NEST 529 is committed to making it easy and intuitive to invest for the future.

For more details, read our recent blog: A Tour to Better Navigate Investment Options.

Automatic Investment Plan

The Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) is a tool to help Account Owners save, no matter how busy life gets. It allows you to automatically contribute to your NEST 529 account directly from your personal checking or bank savings account – ensuring you never miss a contribution. You can even sign up for automatic annual AIP increases, keeping you on track to achieve your savings goals over time.

Account Owners can also make automatic contributions to their NEST account using payroll direct deposit of after-tax dollars. Check with your employer to determine whether they offer payroll direct deposit, and visit the ‘Grow Your Contributions’ page to learn more about both plans.

Staying Social with NEST 529

The NEST 529 Blog is the ultimate resource for Account Owners. Checking in on the NEST 529 blog, and liking and following us on Facebook, will ensure that you stay up to date on all things NEST 529 – from updates and improvements to educational materials, FAQs, savings tips, testimonials from our community and more.

NEST 529 Scholarships

NEST 529 is committed to helping more children achieve their dreams of a higher education. We offer scholarships, contests and drawings regularly, and award tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship contributions each year. NEST 529 scholarships are a fun and engaging way to get kids excited about saving for college, not to mention a great opportunity to potentially win a savings boost.

There are currently three NEST 529 scholarship opportunities open to submissions:

NEST on the Farm $1,000 Fun Photo Drawing: To celebrate our agricultural roots, the NEST on the Farm $1,000 Fun Photo Drawing encourages young Nebraskans to submit a farm-themed photo for a chance to win one of six $1,000 NEST 529 College Savings Plan account contributions. For entry and full rules, visit

NEST 529 Big Dreams $20K Giveaway: Encouraging young children to pursue their dreams for higher education and beyond, the NEST 529 Big Dreams $20K Giveaway will award a $5,000 NEST 529 College Savings Plan account contribution to four winners for a beneficiary 10 years old or younger. Entry is open now through July 31 at

NEST 529 Read and Win: To encourage and reward dedicated summer readers in Nebraska, the NEST 529 Read and Win Drawing will grant 15 lucky readers a $529 NEST 529 account contribution each. Each winner’s library will also win a $250 donation! Five winners 12 years old and younger will be chosen from each of Nebraska’s three congressional districts. To enter, visit


Upromise is a rewards program that can help Account Owners turn everyday purchases – from travel and gas to dry cleaning and groceries – into cash back for college. A percentage of your eligible spending will be deposited into your Upromise account, and you can link your Upromise account to your NEST 529 account and have your college savings automatically transferred. Best of all? It’s free to join. Learn more at

Whether higher education is 18 years down the road or right around the corner, NEST 529 is here to help every step of the way. Be the first to hear about new scholarship opportunities, upcoming events and NEST 529 news by keeping up with the blog, and liking and following NEST 529 on Facebook.