NEST 529 College Savings Plan is a low-cost tax-advantaged way to save for higher education at schools throughout the United States. Anyone can open an account to save for their loved one or even themselves.

As an essential component of a well-rounded financial benefit program, NEST@Work offers employers a no-cost benefit to help employees tackle the expense of higher education by providing them with the tools to save. This additional benefit offers a competitive advantage to attract and retain employees while reinforcing the importance of higher education.

Once a NEST 529 College Savings account is opened, employees can use your existing payroll system to direct a deposit from their paycheck into their NEST account. This easy and convenient way to regularly contribute puts employees in the driver’s seat to be in control of their savings.

At no cost to the employer, the NEST 529 College Savings Plan provides an experienced Relationship Manager to help develop a strategy to establish and communicate this benefit to employees. We offer employee education seminars on site and on the web and can attend employee benefits fairs to help engage, inform and enroll staff.

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