Conservative Static Investment Option

  Domestic Equity - 18.0%
  12.0%  State Street S&P 500® Index (N/A)
  2.0%  Vanguard Equity Income (VEIRX)
  2.0%  T. Rowe Price Large Cap Growth (TRLGX)
  1.0%  Vanguard Extended Market Index (VEMPX)
  0.5%  Tributary Small Company (FOSBX)
  0.5%  iShares Russell 2000 Growth (IWO)
  US Real Estate - 2.0%
  2.0%  Vanguard REIT Index (VGSNX)
  International Equity - 5.0%
  5.0%  State Street MSCI® ACWI ex USA Index (N/A)
  International Bond - 4.0%
  4.0%  DFA World ex-US Government Fixed Income (DWFIX)
  Fixed Income - 50.0%
  10.0%  MetWest Total Return Bond (MWTSX)
  18.0%  Vanguard Total Bond Market Index (VBMPX)
  17.0%  Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index (VBIPX)
  5.0%  Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Index (VTSPX)
  Cash Equivalents - 21.0%
  10.0%  Bank Savings (N/A)
  11.0%  Goldman Sachs Financial SquareSM Government Money Market1 (FGTXX)

Objectives: The Conservative Static Investment Option seeks to provide current income and some growth of capital by investing 23% of its assets in diversified investments of domestic and international equity funds, 2% real estate funds, 49% domestic and international fixed income funds, 11% money market funds, 10% FDIC-insured savings account, and 5% inflation-protected funds.

Strategies: The Investment Option invests in funds according to a fixed formula that typically results in an allocation of 18% domestic equity funds, 2% real estate funds, 5% international equity funds, 4% international bond funds, 45% fixed income funds, 5% inflation-protected funds, 10% FDIC-insured savings account, and 11% money market funds. The Investment Option manages cash flows to maintain the stated asset allocation. The stock holdings in the underlying mutual funds consist primarily of large-cap U.S. stocks and to a lesser extent, mid- and small-cap U.S. stocks and foreign stocks.

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Expense Ratio: The estimated overall expense ratio for this Portfolio is:


Underlying Estimated Fund Expenses:1 0.11%
Program Management Fee: 0.25%
State Administrative Fee: 0.02%
TOTAL: 0.38%

1As of May 31, 2018.



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