You choose your path. We’ll help you pave the way to savings.

The NEST Direct Plan puts you in control of your college savings. You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you'd like when it comes to managing your investments. We give you options to fit your risk tolerance, time frame and savings goals. Plus, if your strategy ever changes, you have the flexibility to change your investment option twice per calendar year.

With more than 100 years of investing experience, our experts have selected a diverse lineup of underlying funds from well-respected companies including Vanguard, State Street and T. Rowe Price, just to name a few. See the underlying funds

Investment Options

There are three paths to investing with NEST: Age-Based Options, Static Options and Individual Options.

Age-Based Investment Options

Enjoy simplified investing. Our popular Age-Based Options are designed to make saving for college as simple as possible. Equipped with the age of your child, and therefore the number of years before college, you can pick from three options based on your risk tolerance - aggressive, growth or index. Then, leave the selection of underlying funds and the mix among asset classes to our experienced investment managers. As your child gets closer to college your portfolio automatically shifts to become more conservative.

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Static Investment Options

Stay the course of your investment. Static Investment Options offer a fixed allocation to underlying funds throughout the life of your account. Choose from All Equity, Growth, Moderate Growth, Balanced, Conservative, or Bank Savings Static Portfolios.

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Individual Investment Options

Build a custom savings portfolio. The NEST Direct Plan offers 15 Individual Investment Options from well-respected investment companies. You choose among these funds to build your own personalized portfolio.

These investments are both actively and passively managed and cover a wide-range of asset classes (including domestic equity, real estate, international equity and fixed income) from companies including Vanguard, State Street and T. Rowe Price, to name a few. NEST also offers an FDIC-insured option. Plus, you have the flexibility to add one or more funds to your Age-Based or Static Investment Option.

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Account owners do not own shares of the underlying investments, or, in the case of the Bank Savings Static Investment Option, directly hold a savings account, but rather own an interest in the Individual Investment Options offered by the NEST Direct Plan.

Except for the Bank Savings Static Investment Option, the performance of each Individual Investment Option may be more volatile than Age-Based or Static Investment Options.