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There's no better way to leave a legacy to your child or grandchild than by opening a NEST 529 College Savings account. By helping a child fulfill their dreams for the future, you're doing much more than making a monetary contribution. You're creating greater opportunities for success, both in the classroom and in their career. You’re moving a child forward to dream bigger, work harder and achieve more.

A tax-advantaged NEST account is also an excellent estate-planning tool. It is a way to pass on wealth while removing assets from the parent or grandparent's taxable estate without having to incur the expense to establish and maintain a trust. Unique to 529 plans, five-years of gifting can be accelerated and invested in a 529 plan in a single year.

Your contributions are considered completed gifts for estate tax purposes, and the gift grows tax-free outside of your estate while you retain control of the account and assets. Annually, you can contribute up to $15,000 ($30,000 filing jointly) per beneficiary from your federal taxable estate and up to $75,000 ($150,000 filing jointly) per beneficiary in a single year without incurring gift tax—as long as there is no additional gift to the beneficiary for five years4.

In some states, like Nebraska, your contributions into your account may be eligible for state income tax deductions or credits in the year of your contribution.

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4 If the account owner dies before the end of the five-year period, a prorated portion of the contribution will be included in his or her taxable estate. If you contribute less than the $75,000 maximum, additional contributions can be made without incurring federal gift taxes, up to a prorated level of $15,000 per year. Federal gift taxation may result if a contribution exceeds the available annual gift tax exclusion amount remaining for a beneficiary in the year of the contribution. The limit may change in subsequent years.